Cryptix FAQ


Cryptix FAQ.


What is the goal of Cryptix ?

The goal of Cryptix is to provide good security for your data and documents.

What is the license type for Cryptix ?

Cryptix is sold through the MacApp Store.

How much cost Cryptix ?

Cryptix is $1.99 through the Mac App Store.

Do i need a serial number for Cryptix ?

There is no more need of serial number for Cryptix.

How can i uninstall Cryptix ?

Step to uninstall Cryptix :

  • Move the to the trash.
  • Remove the Cryptix passwords from your keychain.
  • Remove the com.rbcafe.cryptix files from preferences.

Can i run Cryptix on my machine ?

Cryptix works under Snow Leopard 10.6 and Lion 10.7 and is optimized for intel.