Cryptix history

Cryptix history.


Version 0.1a

– Carbon version.
– First beta release ^_^, first free-ware.

Version 0.1b

– Mach-O version.

Version 0.1c

– Some parts rewritten.
– Addition of the manual.
– Adding RC4 encryption capacity.
– Adding unix tool ‘Whereis’.

Version 0.1d

– Some parts rewritten.
– Addition of a little front end for OpenSSL who ll be in the future transformed in a full gui.
– Work on the icons and the global interface.
– Adding the twofish Encryption / Decryption capacity.

Version 0.1e

– Adding a more complete manual.
– Addition of the mnemonic pw generator.

Version 0.1f

– Adding OpenSSL encryption capacity for cryptix to crypt file with ciphers.
– Adding a manual for OpenSSL.
– Adding the thread viewer.
– new OpenSSL front end for benchmark & easy operations.

Version 0.1f-r1

– Add Select all function.
– Add possibility to metalize the main window.
– Add the zlib compression capacity.
– Add the RC4 Benchmark (Need rewriting).

Version 0.2

– Add Wordlist generator.
– Add JTR(John The ripper) GUI.
– Add bourne shell operator.
– Some parts reajusted.
– Add CA generator.

Version 0.3

– JTR reajusted.
– Tiger ready.
– Some improvments.

Version 0.4

– Add the telnet tool.
– JTR corrected.

Version 0.5

– Add the rot13 Algorythm.
– Some parts reajusted.
– This soft is now shareware 10$.

Version 0.6

– Some parts reajusted.
– Add the steganography tool for images.
– Add the CRC Checksum tool.
– New Icon.

Version 0.61

– MD5 can hash multiples words (Thanks to beta testers).
– Interface is now fully in english (Thanks to erik winklers).
– Possibility to save the the CRC report.
– RC4 crypt – decrypt in realtime using your own key.
– Rot13 button corrected.
– Add the Adler32 checksum.
– Add the speech support.
– Record your text files to voice AIFF.
– Some parts rewrited.
– Add Keychain support for OpenSSL Password.
– Repaired the preferences Menu Item.
– Add gzip compression for files.
– Add bzip2 compression for files.
– Add Alpha, Numeric, AlphaNumeric for Password generator.
– Add the Secure erase file.
– Repaired a bug about checkbox.
– Manual partially rewrited.

Version 0.62

– Add Print functionality.
– Add Check updates functionality.
– Add Mail functionality to send encrypted text.
– Add UUencode / UUdecode for files.
– Add Macbinary for files.
– Add Password crypt.
– Add a Wordlist reader.
– Add French localization (BETA).
– Add an icon for the wordlist created.
– Add a .htpasswd generator.
– Corrected a bug with ‘Aes, Ano & Twofish’.
– Corrected texts fields.
– Corrected Sha256,512 fields.
– Corrected threads result.
– Corrected the encodings of the main window.
– Corrected two bugs on the main window (Thanks to hacecolor).
– Corrected bugs on metal windows.
– JTR now compiled to support Alti/vec.
– JTR updated to version 1.7.
– Passwords need admin rights to be seen.
– Passwords storage with Rating System (Strong Encryption) (BETA).
– Passwords of the main windows are now stored in the keychains.
– Code optimized.
– Rewrite menu bar interface.
– Repaired the JTR selection of dictionaries.
– Preferences files are now encrypted.
– Steganography don’t save to .Pict anymore but to the format you use…
– Link to the ‘Certificate Assistant’.
– Link to the ‘Security prefpane’.
– Now PPC / Intel Version.

Version 0.63

– Add a Unix password generator.
– Add a Network part.
– Add a DNS test.
– Add interface window to list all the interfaces of a network.
– Add access to the built-in Mac OS X password assistant.
– Add access to the kerberos tool.
– Add threads of currents applications.
– Add a reader for cry file created with OpenSSL.
– Add an icon for cry file.
– Add a module to search MD5 words on google.
– Add mail buttons on many parts.
– Add serpent encryption capacity.
– Add the ‘open menu’ for the ‘reader’.
– Add a shell selector on the preferences.
– Corrected menus of the french version.
– Correction of the reader.
– Correction and optimization of the code.
– Correction of the preferences part.
– Better image interface for installation.
– Some parts reajusted (Interfaces & others).
– Some improvements for the interface.
– Unified interface for Manual, Logs, Shell, Infos, Locate.

Version 0.64

– Add a process tool on ‘Unix’ part.
– Correction of the ‘MD5 C’ field result.
– Correction of the ‘RC4’ field result.
– Correction of the ‘Zlib’ field result.
– Correction of the ‘Ukno’ field result and button.
– Correction of the ‘Select All’ for Serpent.
– Correction of the ‘Google Search MD5′ interface’.
– Correction of a bug on ‘Unix window’.
– Correction of a bug at launch.
– Correction of a bug on ‘CRC’.
– Correction of a bug when you click the register button.
– Correction of each ‘Toolbar icons’.
– Correction of many ‘Save parts’.
– Correction of bugs ‘register,thanks,preference’ when launch under Leopard (Thanks to Brent Austin).
– Unified interface for Interfaces, DNS Test, Telnet.
– Unified interface for ‘Preferences’.
– JTR updated to version
– Interfaces improvements.

Version 0.65

– Add a FAQ on Rbcafe.
– Add drag & drop for the reader.
– Add a lock capacity for stego Passwords.
– Add a MD5 Checksum Functionality.
– Add a clipboard capacity inside ‘Checksum’.
– Add the mail capacity inside ‘stego’.
– Add (Outguess) GUI to hide files inside images.
– Add network physical.
– New interface for the preferences.
– New interface for checksum.
– New interface for .htpasswd generator.
– New interface for Mnemonic passsword.
– New interface for Password crypt, generator.
– New interface for Password storage.
– Compilation of JTR for (Universal).
– Correction of a bug at launch.
– Correction of the MD5 Google Search.
– Correction of the ‘MD5 H’ field Result.
– Correction of the ‘Binary’ field Result (Thanks to Noah).
– Correction of the Gzip Decompression.
– Correction of bugs inside the reader.
– Correction of bugs inside the main interface.
– Correction of bugs inside the unix interface.
– Correction of french traductions.
– Correction of the menu.

Version 0.7

– New main interface.
– New steganography interface.
– Add the refresh Windows menu.
– Add logs windows for the ciphers.
– Add the lzw compression.
– Add the RipeMD128 Hash.
– Add the RipeMD160 Hash.
– Add the SHA384 Hash.
– Add ECB, CBC for AES.
– Add ECB, CBC, CFB1 for Twofish.
– Add the Vigenere encryption capacity.
– Add the MD5 Analysis with drop method.
– Add the Counting caracter on the main interface.
– Add logs inside (Outguess) GUI.
– Add the (Mersenne) GUI.
– Add (Quality Icon) ‘Beta’.
– Add csh and ksh selector for shell.
– Correction of the alerts icons.
– Correction of the password storage.
– Correction of the threads window.
– Correction of the network window.
– Correction of the unix window.
– Correction of Blowfish bug.
– Correction of the Speech technic.
– Correction of the htpassword options.
– Correction of the Preferences windows.

Version 0.71

– Correction of a bug in (Quality Icon).
– Correction of a bug in registration process (Thanks to Ed Chapman & Brent Austin).

Version 0.72

– Add Selectall for checksum.
– Add ‘multiple drag’ to checksum.
– Correction of the transparency slider accuracy.
– New disk image icon.

Version 0.73

– Add direct access to ‘Microsoft Cert Manager’.
– Add direct access to ‘firmware password manager’.
– Add (Signature Reader).
– Add (RSA Key Generator).
– Correction of the passwords fields on the main window (Thanks to Rika Suzuki).
– Correction of Password Crypt.
– Correction of a bug in left panel.
– Correction of graphics.
– Correction of the process window.
– Compilation of Pwcrypt for Universal.
– New lock system.

Version 0.74

– Add SHA1 Checksum.
– Correction of localizations.
– Correction of a bug with drag & drop.

Version 0.75

– Add WEP Generator.
– Correction of the RSA Export.
– Correction of the SHA1 Checksum.

Version 0.76

– Add IPV6 for reverse DNS (Experimental).
– Correction of the reverse DNS.
– Correction of the interface list.
– Correction of the logs.

Version 0.77

– Add Icon & easy open for each encryption, encoding, hash schemes (Experimental) (Thanks to Rika Suzuki).
– Add import in the main menu.
– Add refresh button to Threads.
– Add new documentation (Beta).
– Add new ciphers selector.
– Add Logs inside menu.
– Add the Gost Hash.
– Add the MD2 Hash.
– Add the MD4 Hash.
– Add the SHA224 Hash.
– Add the RipeMD256 Hash.
– Add the RipeMD320 Hash.
– Correction of checksum print.
– Correction of open menu.
– Correction of password notes.
– Correction of password manager.
– Correction of a bug in (Quality Icon).
– Correction of a bug in Outguess.
– Correction of ukno field.
– Correction of MD5H field.
– Correction while quitting Cryptix.
– Correction of WEP Generator.
– Correction of SHA1 Checksum.
– Correction of email sending in Steganography.
– Correction of the updater.
– Correction of CRC.
– Correction of french localization.
– Many bug fixes.

Version 0.80

– Snow Leopard compatible.
– Many bug fixes.
– Correction of Import.
– Correction of Save all.
– Correction of the documentation.

Version 0.81

– Add the Cesar encryption capacity.
– Add the Tiger2 Hash.
– Add the Whirlpool Hash.
– Correction of the installer.
– Correction of the erase window.
– Correction of the select-all in the main window.
– Correction of Gost export.

Version 0.82

– Add new SHA1 table.
– Correction of all checksums panels.
– Correction of the main window.
– JTR updated to version
– JTR compiled to support Intel 64Bit.

Version 0.83

– Add UUID Generator.
– Add Authenticity Box inside preferences.
– Correction of Mersenne menu.
– Correction of Openssl menu.
– Correction of Logs menu.
– Fehashmac compiled to support Intel 64Bit.
– Outguess compiled to support Intel 64Bit.
– Pwgen compiled to support Intel 64Bit.
– Pwcrypt compiled to support Intel 64Bit.

Version 0.84

– Add OpenSSL Random Generator.
– Add Core Checksum inside preferences.
– Many bug fixes.

Version 0.85

– Correction of the Wep Generator.
– Correction of the OpenSSL Generator.
– Correction of the Erase window.
– Global Correction of the menu.

Version 0.86

– Add CSV Export.
– Add CSV Export Correction.
– Add Splitter Selection.
– Add Choose Font for Unix and technical fields.
– Add Lash160 Hash.
– Add Lash256 Hash.
– Add Lash384 Hash.
– Add Lash512 Hash.
– Correction of Blowfish field.
– Correction of Reset windows position.
– Correction of French translation.
– Correction of the documentation.

Version 0.87

– Correction of the Wordlist generator.
– Correction of the blowfish 447 Export.
– Correction of the splitter selection.

Version 0.90

– Interface change of JTR.
– Interface change of Wordlist generator.
– Interface change of all password generators.
– Addition of users in Unix section.
– Addition of choice to buy Cryptix.
– Correction of the main interface.
– Correction of the SHA1 interface.
– Correction of blowfish.
– Correction of the logs.

Version 0.91

– Correction of the CSV preference choice.
– Correction of the twofish implementation.
– Correction of the blowfish key generation.
– Correction of the blowfish window.
– Correction of the characters counting in main window.
– Correction of exit process.
– Correction of ukno keychains.
– Correction of keychains.
– Amelioration of Process.

Version 1.0

– Cryptix is now signed.
– Cryptix is optimized for Snow Leopard 10.6.
– Cryptix icon adapted to 512 size.
– Reworked installer.
– Correction of OpenSSL generator.
– Correction of code.
– Correction of generators.
– Correction of interface.
– Outguess removed.

Version 1.0.1

– Complete rewriting.
– Distributed now on Applestore.
– Cryptix is now focused mainly on cryptography.
– Correction of Export.
– Correction of CSV.
– Correction of Kerberos.
– Correction of code.
– Correction of interface.
– Correction of menubar.
– Correction of export.
– JTR removed.(deployed as new project)
– Storage removed.(deployed as new project)
– Steganography removed. (deployed as new project)

Version 1.0.2

– Preferences and Reader are now on the main interface.
– Addition of Twitter link.
– Addition of Cisco ios7.
– Correction of CSV separator.
– Correction of Mersenne.
– Correction of Blowfish.
– Correction of Google MD5 Search.
– Correction of RC4 Benchmark.
– Correction of Password generator.
– Correction of code.
– Correction of localizations.
– Correction of Interface.

Version 1.0.3

– Correction of minimum system requirement.